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Canyou have a period and still be pregnant? The chances are slim if you have a heavy period. Small spotting may be okay, but you do want to discuss this

Can a person getpregnant while taking the pill? Last reviewed Fri 17 August 2018 Last reviewed Fri 17

If you don't getpregnant that month, you shed this tissue and blood – that's your menstrual period. But once an egg embeds in the uterine lining, hormones

If you are spotting before your period couldyou be pregnant? One common cause of spotting several days before a period is lowprogesterone. Progesterone helps to maintain the uterine lining forpregnancy, and when progesterone levels drop…, the menstrual cycleoccurs.

CycleBeads lets you know whenyou can getpregnant by identifying 12 potentially fertile days each cycle – Days 8 through 19, where Day 1 is the first day of your period. These 12 days take into account the 6 days when pregnancy is possible as well as the variability in the timing of ovulation from one...

Does spotting before your period mean you could be pregnant? Or that you have low progesterone levels?

However, you can have spotting while pregnant. Do you feel abdominal pain with spotting? Are you having heavy bleeding while pregnant?

If you still think you're pregnant after a negative result, wait a few days and try again. If you keep getting negative results, but you're worried about your

Though it is possible to getpregnant with an IUD, the chances depend on the woman, the IUD, and the situation.

Pregnancy is a stage many couples dream of, but the timing of starting or continuing a family can be complicated when illness is involved. Minor sicknesses don’t often prevent conception from occurring, but particular infirmities and their treatment can affect whether or not a woman is able to getpregnant.

#1 Question is can precum get you pregnant? so here is answer For all ladies, it is important to know whether or not precum can make you pregnant. Medical expert says that the chances of gettingpregnant from precum are low because it does not contain much sperm. There is evident support of...

If you conceived during the time you experienced spotting, then you might believe you had your period whenyougotpregnant.

And if you miss more than one dose per cycle or pill pack, the risk of pregnancy can suddenly become very real, indeed.

If you want to getpregnant, this is not the appropriate time of having sex. When the sperm and the egg meet in the fallopian tube, a woman getspregnant.

Whenyou use them – The amount of hCG in your urine increases with time. So, the earlier after a missed period you take the test the harder it is to spot the hCG. Some HPTs claim that they can tell if you are pregnant one day after a missed period or even earlier. But a recent study shows that most...

If you can endure some of its annoying side effects, all you have to do is pop that sucker in and forget about it for up to 10 years.

Gettingpregnant on period is possible, for the sperm can survive despite the blood flows.

If you’re not sure what you’re going to need whenyou’re pregnant and working out, check out this list of pregnancy workout essentials.

To getpregnant, it helps to know whenyou’re ovulating each month. Learn the signs you should be looking for.

Whenyou and your partner first decide to have a baby, you might think you'll getpregnant easily. Then after the first month or two with no success

Youget 50 of them for about $20 — if you are serious about testing because you are trying to getpregnant, you want alot of these because you could be testing two or even three times/day to ensure you don’t miss your “LH surge”. Once that surge is detected...

In the off chance that you do getpregnant even after inserting the intra-uterine device in your uterus, you should talk to the doctor immediately. She will get rid of the IUD and check whether the pregnancy is healthy, making sure that it is not an ectopic pregnancy.

“Can I be pregnant after my tubal ligation?”, then this article is for you and the answers may surprise you.

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“How did yougetpregnant naturally at 45?” people often want to know. Here’s how, I’m assuming: We got really lucky. My husband and I both longed for

Whether you’ve been pregnant or not, you know that pregnancy is no walk in the park, physically

How young can my dog or cat getpregnant? This question is especially important for those who share their lives with cats.

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You may have a lot of questions when it comes to healthy eating during pregnancy.

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I know what you're thinking: You always hear stories about people's friends and colleagues who getpregnantwhen they finally "stop trying," and I heard them too. But I never really got it. I mean, there were months when I wasn't "trying," and I didn't getpregnant. But I hadn't truly let go. I thought I had...

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If you want to getpregnant ovulation calendar calculator,when do i ovulate after my period calculator when is

Labor can be a scary thing whenyou aren't prepared. Follow these 11 steps to naturally prepare your body for birth and prepare your baby for life on

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A new startup claims it can help women getpregnant by using artificial intelligence to grade their eggs—a technology that could save couples thousands

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I hope some of these will help you, and that all of you will have the successful IVF transfer you've

But how do you manage the strain of pregnancywhenyou are trying to chase a toddler?

Whenyou are pregnant, you need rest and a good quality sleep to ensure your good health.

“But if you think you could enjoy it and you wanna try it, more power to you. Just do not be taken in by practitioners who promise they can getyou